PPRNet - Primary (Care) Practices Research Network-   PPRNet

To improve the quality of services we provide to our patients, Rocha Medical Clinic participates in the PPRNet research network. 

PPRNet is a primary care practice-based learning and research organization designed to improve health care in its member practices while conducting research important for the entire primary health care system.   Established in 1995, PPRNet links practices across North America in its work which has led to revitalization of primary care practices, sustained federal research funding, numerous publications, and national recognition.  

All PPRNet practices use Electronic Health Records (EHR); many long-time members were pioneers in EHR use.

PPRNet has 3 primary aims: 

  • To turn EHR data into actionable information for quality improvement and reports for quality incentive programs.

  • To empirically test theoretically sound primary care quality improvement interventions.

  • To disseminate interventions that improve primary health care.

 PPRNet achieves these aims by:

Samples PPRNet data:

       Avoid metformin GFR less than 30

       Breast cancer screening

       Colorectal cancer screening